Test the hydraulic performance of your raingarden before it is built!

Building small raingardens to collect stormwater runoff from roads and other hard surfaces is a great way to help the enviornment. A well designed raingarden can collect and treat about 90% av the annual runoff volume, and if possible, should infiltrate as much as possible to the surrounding soil.

With this tool you can assess your system based on your specific sites conditions, as recommended by the Adoption Guidelines for Stormwater Biofiltration Systems by the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities. This includes taking into consideration filter surface area, extended detention depth and area and infiltration rate, with all calculations done using local climate conditions. Hydrological objectives such as volume reduction, peakflow reduction and infiltration into surrounding soils can be easily assessed. This ensure you get the best possible environmental impact out of your system. You can decide what level of detail that is most suitable for your project, and you can choose to use default values if you do not have all the information. Use the info- buttons to the right of the input boxes for help and suggested inputs.

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